• When The Fox Guards the Hen House

    Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Grace Meng have introduced into Congress the Quiet Communities Act. The proposed legislation would return funding to the EPA’s Office of ...

  • Waiting for Some Answers About the Alleged Cause of Air Traffic Delays

    The airlines have been campaigning for NextGen satellite GPS navigation technology and privatizing air traffic control. The drumbeat continues. We keep hearing that “antiquated” air ...

  • 報告:飛機飛過皇后區上空架次大幅增加

    皇后區居民深受高分貝飛機噪音困擾,抗議之聲不斷。今天,公民權益組織「安靜天空」,發佈了一個報告,顯示飛機飛過皇后區的數據,更是驚人。來看詳細報導。 紐約州參議員Tony Avella:「作為附近的居民,我們都知道飛機噪音的問題,不過看到數據報告後,還是很震驚,這個數字上漲得非常過分。」 http://www.ntdtv.com/xtr/b5/2016/08/31/a1283983.html