Jackson Heights Residents Working to Stop the Noise!

5 comments on “Jackson Heights Residents Working to Stop the Noise!
  1. Kathy Holmes says:

    I have lived in my home for 35 years, I am the last standing house (83rd & 23rd) on the 4/22 runway at LaGuardia, they are killing us. In all these years we have never had planes this frequent, constant, landing or taking off absolutely having a psychological impact on our family. At the end of some days the entire household is in tears. We cannot use the yard, it is an outrage and abusive to us. When will it stop? We complain to the FAA, they never respond, not in 35 years.

  2. ggggg says:

    Guess what people, we live at the edge of a runway. That runway has been there longer then most of us and will continue to takeoff and land flights for years to come. We are lucky that we only get 3% of all takeoffs, other communities, such as Downtown Flushing see a lot more flights. It is a nuisance, but if you expect no flights at the edge of a runway, the only person you are fooling is yourself.

    • bob says:

      Dear GGGG,

      When you submit comments to this site your IP address is visible and traceable to the webmaster (me, Brian).

      I’m sure your smart enough to state your argument without having to lie about your proximity to the runway.


  3. Hi, I couldn’t go to the meeting at Town Hall, but am hoping they will reduce the airplane noise in Jk. Hts. we have been in the neighborhood or 32 years , and the noise seems to be disturbing. Best of luck to the Congressmen on this issue. Thanks, K

    • bob says:

      Thanks Kathryn,

      Reduced separations of planes and high speed taxi ways are the next big issues to come up. It could mean the end of slot limits (currently at 71 per hour). We’ll be keeping an eye on it all.

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