Sen. Schumer and Sen. Gillibrand Tell It to the FAA

Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand have written a letter to the FAA outlining the concerns they share with all of us about the impact of the agency’s actions on our lives in the past few years. I have attached the letter to this email.

Queens Quiet Skies worked closely with the Senator’s staff to get this letter out on your behalf. I saw firsthand how hard the Senator’s staff worked to make sure our concerns were expressed clearly and exactly.

I want to extend our sincerest thanks to Sen. Schumer and Sen. Gillibrand for sending a message that will definitely resound at the FAA and DOT. I suspect we will be seeing more from Sen. Schumer on our issue in the very near future. I will keep you posted on everything as it happens.

In recent years, some “aviation activists” in the NY metro area have made public their negative opinions about our U.S. Senators on these issues. I have known for a long time how concerned Sen. Schumer has been and what he has been doing to help us. It’s been frustrating not to be able to share it with you until now.

This is a huge step forward for us in New York and it is our victory. You can be proud of being members of Queens Quiet Skies.

Rep. Grace Meng, Sen. Tony Avella and AM Ed Braunstein have reached out recently to Sen. Schumer and have continued to work tirelessly in other ways on our aviation problems. We appreciate it.

Click here for the letter from Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrand.

20 comments on “Sen. Schumer and Sen. Gillibrand Tell It to the FAA
  1. Evon Handras says:

    Thank you! I am in East Elmhurst and the noise has become a nightmare! It’s bad enough we are breathing in toxic jet exhaust fumes day and night.

  2. Diana Gonzalez says:

    I live in bayside and the planes have flew so low my house shakes. My kids get scared that one day a plane will crash in to our home they are 8 and 4.

  3. Frank elorza says:

    Thank you the plain noise is terrible “major health concerns for our seniors and children”

  4. Zhuo Chen says:

    I live in flushing. The plane noises are lately become my nightmares. I can’t focus, I can’t get a quite of sleep because it literally started from early 6am till almost midnight. And it sounds like bomb. So loud and so frequent. People in this area can’t enjoy just been in their own home anymore. it had impacted my family’s daily life and our health.

  5. Frank elorza says:

    I live in Bayside and the noise is terrible! Unhealthy!!

  6. Guido says:

    Just moved to albertson. This is crazy! I work from home! How can I concentrate with an airplane per minute flying so low!

  7. Highly Alarmed!!! says:

    Hopefully there will be some relief as soon as possible. Non stop, hundreds of planes per day, 3-5 per minute at times, all directly above my home accelerating at FULL-THRUST. You can imagine how unlivable it is, I can never open a window in my home, and it sounds like an earthquake every time they go by, especially the huge planes! Thanks for the attention.

    • Feng says:

      I feel it in my heart!!
      I just moved to Rego park, lot people might think its a good neighborhood, STOP BELIEVE WHATEVER THE BROKER TOLD YOU!!!
      AIRplanes every min, day and night, sunshine or rainy, flying as low as crazy!!!!
      Just like you said “Non stop, hundreds of planes per day, 3-5 per minute at times”!!

  8. Daryl says:

    I’m considering to have all plane activity over my house tracked and logged into the cloud, such as AWS, including video and raw audio sample. Would that help make the case? Thinking of just taking this to the highest court of law if needed. It’s not really the amount of noise that’s the issue here – it’s their abuse of power where they just want to arbitrarily set flight times to the business’ leisure, including after midnight and before sunrise. It’s just criminal at this point.

  9. Diane says:

    Omg listen everyone I feel your pain! I live in Jackson heights and today was one of the worst days. I get calls from laguardia saying “sorry” and than they begin to tell me every plane that took off. I don’t care who or what is causing the noise,just that it should stop or he changed. A plane flys over the neighborhood every 2-3 minutes. What can we do?

  10. Phyllis Pastuzyn says:

    Woodside once again sounds like a “war zone” with planes coming over every forty seconds. The noise is horrible, but the smell and taste of fuel in this heat is disgusting! I can plug my ears, but how do I stop breathing???

  11. Soo says:

    I just purchased a condo in woodside. I am coming from out of state, and my parents had taken a look on my behalf before closing. I literally went to take a look today– and saw within the 15 minutes I was there, three planes rushed over directly over my condo. This condo will house 80 units when they are all sold. I don’t know how my future neighbors and I will live. I have made a huge mistake… The planes fly DIRECTLY over my building… What can I do to help protest this? It looks like people have been complaining but NOTHING has been done. Will woodside continue to suffer in silence? How is this even possible? How is this even legal?

    • Phyllis Pastuzyn says:

      Very sorry for you Soo. I have lived in Woodside my entire life. I worked at Public School 11 for 38 years as a teacher. I also own my home. BUT I was here FIRST, before the planes! I have planes coming over both my home, and my classroom, every 40 seconds, up to twenty hours a day. The noise is HORRIBLE! Worse, is the hot days when the jet fuel fumes come pouring down ! The smell and taste is DISGUSTING! I have complained to every elected official, Schumer, Gillibrand, Crowley, Van Bremer, De Blasio , FAA, Bosco, EVERYONE!!! I have been keeping track of everything I have done for the last ten years, regarding PLANES!!!! I have watched the situation get worse as the years have gone by! So happy now that Queens Quiet Skies have organized and now there is help!?!
      I visit Jimmy Van Bremer’s office often, with videos and complaints. I was told I am the ONLY one from Woodside complaining about the planes. Jimmy even answered my complaint letter in the New York Daily News. Woodside was a wonderful place in which to live and work BTP (Before The Planes). Maybe now with more people having invested in Woodside, and who want and deserve quality of life in their homes and neighborhood things will return to the Woodside I love! Welcome to Woodside Soo!

      • Brian says:


        Would you please forward a copy of Van Bramers letter saying that “you are the only one complaining”? I was webmaster of this site for years and we have literally HUNDREDS of complaints from your area.

        My email is attached

      • VLM says:

        LaGuardia opened in 1939, Phyllis. It’s hard to believe you were here before the planes.

        • Phyllis Pastuzyn says:

          I have lived in Woodside since 1948. I used to go to the fields around La Guardia , with my Father. We would picnic and watch the planes take off and land. It was a fun way to share the day. Little did I know that planes would be coming over both my home and the school in which I taught, every 30 seconds apart! So VLM, I lived in Woodside BTPs!! I started complaining and participated in community meetings regarding the planes many years before it was fashionable. I am thrilled now that Queens Quiet Skies has become involved. Maybe, my home will be a pleasant, healthy place to live once again!

      • soo says:

        Hi Phyllis,

        Thank you for the welcome and sharing your information on the plane situation. I just got settled in NYC– moving into the Woodside home within two months. I will make sure to contact all the elected officials / senators that Brian listed below and will complain often about the planes… Especially Jimmy Van Bremer’s office so he knows that there is more than one person from Woodside who is not happy about the plane situation. I don’t know if we can ever make a difference but I am determined to try.


    • Brian says:

      1. It isn’t legal. The FAA received an exemption from Congressional laws in 2012 for anything pertaining to environmental review and impact on the human environment. It’s called a CATEX and they use it for every change in aircraft operations or flight route alterations.

      2. File complaints with the port authority here:

      3. Write your congressman Joe Crowley: 82-11 37th Ave., Suite 402
      Queens, NY 11372
      Phone: (718) 779-1400

      4. Write QB President Melinda Katz here:

      5. Write Senators Gillibrand and Schumer. There addresses are easily found. They absolutely do count and read the letters

      Stay in touch with Janet McEneaney and Queens Quiet Skies.

      • soo says:

        Thank you Brian. I will send complaints to the Port Authority and to the senators’ office. Will also be sure to introduce myself to Janet and see what other ways I can help.

  12. Phyllis Pastuzyn says:

    Dear Brian, I have a lot of my complaint letters, news articles, etc., etc.. Held onto everything! For years! Thank you!!

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