LaGuardia Noise Exposure Map to be released on Tuesday

The Part 150 study has reached its definitive stage and our draft noise exposure map will be unveiled at the next LGA technical meeting on Tuesday, June 21st at 1PM.

This map will be the basis of any noise abatement plan we may receive. The map is a first draft and could be revised if sufficient public input is received. There is limited time to assess the map, review the methods used and submit comments. Representatives from the aviation industry will also be in attendance and likely to submit well crafted comments of their own.

Once the map is approved by the FAA, there will be no recourse. Now is the time to scrutinize the map.

I have attached the most recent Noise Exposure Map here, prepared in 2013. The LGA technical group forum is open to the public.

Dates: Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Title: LGA TAC Meeting No. 7
Description: LOCATION: LaGuardia Airport, Hangar 7 Center, 3rd Floor, Flushing, NY 11371
Times: 1:00PM – 4:00PM


4 comments on “LaGuardia Noise Exposure Map to be released on Tuesday
  1. J says:

    Where is the attached map from 2013 as indicated in the article?

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