FAA Responds to Washington DC Airplane Noise

We should remain positive that we could convince the FAA to provide the same peace of mind Washington DC gets. “FAA may alter Reagan National flight paths after noise complaints” posted by the Washington’s Top News is a prime example of how we can succeed in reducing airplane noise. We can achieve the same results by asking our elected officials to provide us relief from airplane noise.

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6 comments on “FAA Responds to Washington DC Airplane Noise
  1. Jin says:

    Living in Fresh Meadows, the airplanes are flying over our houses for 2 weeks, Crazy Laguardia, what’s wrong with them?

    • Cecilia says:

      2 Jets flew over Baside area after Midnight as if it’s not bad enough jets start at 5:45 AM and continue thru 8AM at times every 2 minutes. This morning is the worse. Crazy FAA for stalling to resolve the noise abuse from LaGuardia since 2012 they have had citizen complaints. Call your politicians and fill out the Noise Complaint web site every chance you can.

    • Rudy says:

      Agree, I’m suburban Flushing just north of Kissena Park. It’s awful here.

    • Rudy Luo says:

      1:50am, airplane taking off every two mins, are you kidding me? Do they even have a heart?

  2. Rudy Luo says:

    Can you believe it? 1am, still flying over as departure w/ full throttle, one after another, just won’t stop, can’t even open window and sleep.

  3. Phyllis Pastuzyn says:

    I have been complaining to every public official, every agency and in every newspaper regarding the plane noise and even worse the TOXIC plane fuel being dumped on our homes , schools and neighborhoods since 2010! Nothing has been done to correct the problem. The planes continue to make Woodside a war zone , unlivable. I honestly thought once other neighborhoods were affected, other home owners found their homes unlivable and unsaleable, things would change. Nothing has! Since La Guardia is being improved and expanded, things will just get worse. The city council leases the land to La Guardia, they got their raises, so now they show their “environmental concerns” by passing laws banning plastic bags and other stupidity rather than being concerned about our health or our quality of life. Politicians I have been contacting for years are suddenly “showing” concern. Then I realized that this is an election year!

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