Are Airports Really Economic Engines for NYC?

The Global Gateway Alliance is one group of entities invested in putting all of New York City’s eggs into the tourism basket, at the expense of the quality of life of those who live here. If you go to their website, you’ll see exactly which organizations support health and safety risks for you and your children so that they can make more money. Included among them is the City of New York’s Economic Development Corporation, which runs on our tax dollars, as well as New York University. They work closely with other NYC tourism boosters such as the Association for a Better New York. Our experience with these groups as representatives of Queens Quiet Skies members has been that, when they are not condescending to our supposed ignorance, they are treating us like dog poo on their shoes.

Their favorite argument is that our airports are our “economic engines.” We’ve often heard that line from one of our elected officials in Queens, too. Here’s a study that questions the premise.

Claims that airports are a city’s “economic engine” are overstated, especially when compared to other local infrastructure.

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