A Letter from Senator Schumer to the FAA


In October, the FAA named Julie Marks, formerly of its Environmental Department, as the Community Involvement Manager for Airspace Projects. This only happened because of your efforts over the past 4 years, aided by our elected officials and with the cooperation of the many other community organizations around the country who are working with us to fight the same fight.


I told Sen. Schumer’s staff that I would like to invite Ms. Marks to a QQS membership meeting in early 2017. Sen. Schumer sent a letter to Ms. Marks, asking her to meet with his constituents’ community advocacy groups. In the NYC metro area, those groups are Queens Quiet Skies and Plane Sense 4 LI. We will soon start planning an event where we hope you will be able to meet Ms. Marks. I’ve attached the Senator’s letter so you can read it.


Sen Schumer FAA Community Involvement Manager invite 11-30-16


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