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Queens Quiet Skies has been appointed as a member of the LaGuardia Technical Advisory Committee for the Part 150 noise mitigation study. The Port Authority created Part 150 Technical Advisory Committees for each airport to get input on drawing the noise maps and mitigation. I thank the Port Authority Aviation Department for appointing us. We intend to reach out to everyone in LGA-affected areas. We want you to know what’s happening to give us your suggestions for the TAC.


We went to the meeting on December 15th and brought our QQS suggestions for the Noise Compatibility Program. You can see it here on our website.


If there was a real working, professional aviation roundtable in New York, we would bring our suggestions and concerns there. Since we don’t have one (3+ years and counting, Gov. Cuomo), QQS brought suggestions to alleviate noise outside as well as within the 65 DNL contours. The FAA is not obligated to consider suggestions to mitigate noise outside the 65 DNL contours. But they are getting good suggestions from TAC members on abating noise with flight path changes in all areas, so we hope the FAA will consider all ideas to alleviate noise in the NYC metro airspace — both within and outside the map contours.


This was the 10th meeting of the LGA Part 150 TAC. The topic was noise abatement. The next two meetings will be about land use and “programmatic” options. Land use includes acquisition, sound insulation, easements, building codes, zoning and real estate disclosures. Programmatic options include implementation, signage, monitoring and reporting, community education and updating the noise program.


As the representative of northern Queens communities, QQS wants to bring your suggestions to the TAC. We are looking for suggestions about land use and the noise control program for the next two meetings. Let’s give the FAA our suggestions for all areas of northern Queens. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be considered.


I was encouraged by the professionalism at the TAC meeting. Like a roundtable, the TAC includes industry and government reps and elected officials. We had some good discussion. In the end, the TAC will propose recommendations that will be accepted or rejected by the FAA. I was — how shall I put this? — not discouraged by the TAC’s recommendations on noise abatement so far, although we think they should be more specific and go farther than they do. I was happy to hear from the airlines representatives (United and Delta) about some steps they are taking voluntarily to reduce noise.


Here is a link to the PA’s Noise Office website. You can find the Part 150 study recommendations by the TAC here:


TAC Noise Compatibility Solutions QQS Dec 2016



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  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you for posting the link to your solutions presented at the December TAC meeting. We were there and did not get a copy and had been hoping to receive it by e-mail or see it posted. Wish they had been able to spend more time discussing your proposals.

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