August 22, 2018 Newsletter

Columbia Univ. Public Health Study in the News

Dear Neighbors:

The Columbia University School of Public Health study has been making the news this week.  Thanks to everyone who spoke at and turned out for the press conference yesterday — Sen. Tony Avella, AM Ed Braunstein, representatives of Rep. Grace Meng and Rep. Tom Suozzi and our members, too.  

Here are links to the press we’ve gotten that I am aware of so far.  A CBS-2 video crew arrived on my block today and interviewed QQS members Tom Myers and Claire O’Donoghue, as well as Dr. Peter Muennig of Columbia School of Public Health.  I was so excited when I saw it.  Here is the link to the report that aired this evening:

More links to press coverage:

This article in the Wall Street Journal is behind a paywall.  I haven’t yet read the whole article myself.  

Keep a lookout in our local Queens papers this week for other articles, too.  I know they will be published soon.



If you get an email from QQS that asks you to open a document in DropBox, just delete.  I’m sorry to say it is a phishing attempt.  It happens sometimes and we’ve been luckier than many, so far.  But this time they got us.

Together, we are strong.  Change is coming.  Keep hanging in there —



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