August 27, 2018 Newsletter

Tennis is More Important Than Your Child’s Life / AirNoise

Dear Neighbors —

One more short Newsletter to round out this busy month of August 2018.


It’s U.S. Open time again.  Time for planes at 75+ decibels every 60 seconds on the TNNIS RNAV so that tennis fans can watch a match in silence.   

The TNNIS Climb began because Mayor David Dinkins, a tennis fan, requested silence at the U.S. Open.  The FAA obliged.

Now we know that the TNNIS Climb is hazardous to our health.  The recent Columbia University study found that 80,000+ residents under the TNNIS Climb can lose up to a year of their lives as a result of the dangerous noise levels.  If that is the case for adults, how must it be affecting our kids?  

There is no law that requires aircraft to fly the TNNIS Climb during the U.S. Open.  If one Mayor could start it, the current Mayor could end it.  

The question is whether Mayor DeBlasio and Borough President Katz are willing to tell the FAA that the health of their constituents is more important than a tennis match.  The answer should be easy. 



In the December 5, 2017, edition of QQS News I wrote the following:


Everyone tells us to make noise complaints.  We go to the Port Authority’s noise complaint website.  There’s a cumbersome form that has to be filled out every single time you make a complaint  It’s hard to get them all in when the planes are overhead every 60 to 90 seconds.

But don’t despair.  Our colleagues at Plane Sense 4 LI have found a solution — the AirNoise app.  

AirNoise is a company started by a resident of La Jolla, California, who got tired of filling out noise complaint forms.  He designed an app to make noise complaints easily and quickly.  It is being used successfully in cities on the West Coast.

AirNoise charges $24.00 for the button and the app.  Additionally, there is a $5.00 a month subscription fee.

When the button arrives, you install the app on your wireless network.  Once it’s installed, all you need do is press the button or tap your phone when a plane is overhead.  The program files the complaint for you with the Port Authority’s noise complaint system.  It can distinguish between JFK and LGA traffic.  Once the complaint is filed, you will receive a detailed report of your complaint.

The company’s website is  I have attached a flyer explaining how the service works.  

I want to thank Plane Sense 4 LI for discovering the AirNoise service and persisting in testing and refining it for use in the NY metro area over the past six months.

For those of you who are serious about your aviation noise complaints, help is finally here.  Go to it!

I got a significant number of emails from QQS members telling me they did not want me to advertise a paid service in the Newsletter.  For that reason, I haven’t mentioned it again.

Several years ago, a QQS member named Angelo told me he could develop something that is essentially the same as the AirNoise product.  I didn’t encourage him because I knew that the number of households complaining is more important to the Port Authority than the number of complaints. I was also worried about legal liability.  I might have been wrong.  I owe Angelo an apology and I freely give it.  

The other day, The Wall Street Journal published a lengthy article about AirNoise.  Many of you sent it to me in jpeg images.  I don’t seem to be able to open it in a way that can be shared here.  I am sure you can find it online.

Around the country, people are now arguing about whether or not to encourage the use of AirNoise.  There’s no reason to argue about it.  Some people really enjoy pressing the button and making numerous noise complaints; there’s nothing wrong with that.  Everyone will have their opinion about the AirNoise service.  If you like the idea, go for it.  If not, you can ignore it.  


Unless there’s another big announcement this week, this will be it for the Newsletter in August.  I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend.  When you come back, I have an idea for us to think about.

Thanks for everything —


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