September 10, 2018 Newsletter

Letter from Rep. Grace Meng to US Dept of Transportation

Dear Neighbors —

I am attaching a letter that Rep. Grace Meng wrote to Dept of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao on our behalf.  It asks for action on several items.  

It’s a terrific letter.  Rep. Meng first discusses the Columbia-QQS public health study that came out last month and asks for FAA review of the results.  Then she asks for action on other goals I’ve talked to you about:  releasing the elusive results and underlying data for the Noise Annoyance Survey; including community representation on decision-making policy groups like the NextGen Advisory Committee; and seeking conclusions drawn by the NAC’s Northeast Corridor Improvement Committee.

I am sure that Rep. Meng will share the response with us.  I convey my thanks on behalf of QQS members to a member of Congress who has been with us from the beginning and has always had our back.  

It will be interesting to see how Secretary Chao answers the question about the Columbia public health study. The significance of that study is just beginning to be understood around the country.   It is the first study to focus on public health impacts of NextGen routes, rather than a study of noise.  It also shows that community groups can produce important scientific studies independent of the FAA and airport operators.  That’s something for the stakeholders to think about.


I’ve been having a vision lately of a QQS march across northern Queens.  I’ve been seeing us holding signs and making noise.  We are giving this idea some consideration for the near future.  We will have to see if the stars are in alignment to give this a go-ahead.  I’d like to know if anyone would be willing to help organize this kind of event and make it run.  No promises yet — we still have to see if we can make it work — but I’d like to get an idea of who is available and willing if we decide to do it.  I still have the QQS banner, so that’s covered.



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