About QQS

Queens Quiet Skies’┬áMission

Reduce Noise from New York, New Jersey and Long Island Airplane Flights (JFK, LGA, and Newark), without merely moving noise from one place to another.

Educate the Public About This Complex Problem, taking this opportunity to fix the airspace and modernize the airports.

Create a Public Forum Where All the Stakeholders – Citizens, Elected Officials, The Port of New York and New Jersey, Representatives from Long Island Organizations, the FAA, the Airlines, and Others, Will Collaborate to Make Changes.


Our Five Goals

1. Now that Governor Cuomo has required the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to prepare a Noise Compatibility Study, that meets the requirements of FAA’s “Part 150” for Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports, watch the process very closely.


2. Have the FAA and Port Authority prepare a full Environmental review of flight changes, as has been done in most other major U.S. airports; continue to oppose the FAA proposal to exempt such flight changes from environmental review; actively participate in FAA’s OAPM for the “Metroplex”. Click here to learn more…


3. Require the installation of many more noise monitors at LaGuardia, where there now are only 5 (4 for Queens, 1 for the Bronx), and JFK where there are only 7 in Queens and 4 in Nassau County for a total of 11 for JFK. At most other major airports, there are 30 noise monitors at each airport.


4. Now that the Aviation Roundtable has been mandated by Governor Cuomo, make sure that decisions are made by a Roundtable of all affected parties – citizens, airport, airlines and the FAA – as in 25 other locations around the country.


5. Require the Port Authority to develop a solid noise abatement program to educate pilots and other airport users, to reduce noise from individual aircraft flights. Most other airports around the country have a full time large staff for such noise abatement.


Speaker Availability

Does your organization wish to learn more about this important topic? We can provide speakers for a complete program which describes these issues in detail, in detail. This can be provided as a “Power Point” presentation.

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