Aviation Policies with Severe Impacts

Are you ready to act?

Are You Ready to Act?

1.  The FAA will remove critical Environmental restraints on future flight changes!

Write the FAA immediately to ask that Categorical Exclusions not be used for flight procedure changes!!

Click on the link below to make your comments:
Implementation of Legislative Categorical Exclusion for Environmental Review of Performance Based Navigation Procedures

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Use this Federal Register Docket number in your response: FAA-2014-00510-0001
  • The TNNIS procedure adopted by Categorical Exclusion New York City has resulted in significant, highly detrimental noise impacts to our residents.
  • We are deeply concerned that the changes proposed in the Federal Register will be applied to many more NYC flight procedures, unilaterally by the FAA.


2.  LaGuardia Airport intends to dramatically increase its capacity through runway expansion and a remodeling of the Central Terminal Building.

Learn about expansion of LaGuardia’s runways here:
LaGuardia Airport Runway Safety Area Enhancements – Draft Environmental Assessment